7 Days to Die Review

Being one of the most well-known survival games in Steam’s Early Access program, it makes perfect sense that a game like 7 Days to Die should have a full console release. However, given the fact that the PC version is still in Early Access, I had my doubts about how well the game would hold up. Unfortunately, those doubts turned out to be correct.

I got off to a bad start with 7 Days to Die. About a minute after I launched the game on my PS4 it crashed for the first time. I had tried to open the inventory and the game just froze. This happened several times throughout my time with it, but unfortunately wasn’t the worst of the games problems.


But before I get into all of the technical problems with the game, I’d like to address the good. First of all, this is one of the first of Steam’s massive library of Early Access survival games to have a full console release. Secondly, the game itself is actually great. You start off nearly naked in an open world. Your first order of business should be to make clothes and a weapon. From there you can go on to build your shelter or wander through the varying environments until you find a suitable building.

The interface is great, with different screens for crafting, inventory, map, etc. I was actually surprised how well this worked on console. The aforementioned building is also great. I have come across building that are basically fortresses, and while I haven’t built anything of that magnitude yet, I do plan to eventually.

But even if you’re not into the building aspect, there is plenty of exploring to do and you could easily sink hours into the game just wandering around the world, trying to survive for as long as you can.


The game is an online game, so, unless you play single player, you will most likely encounter other players during your time in the apocalypse. In my opinion, this is what really makes survival games great. You not only have to survive against zombies and the environment, but there are countless people who won’t hesitate to kill you for a gun or bottle of water.

The combat, unfortunately, is sloppy. Hitting a zombie with a weapon doesn’t feel natural and sometimes won’t even register, and half the time when you hit one they have no response. The physics engine in the game obviously needs some work.


Along with the physics the graphics are also very outdated. Just take a look at the pictures throughout this review and you’ll see what I mean. To make it even worse, the environment really isn’t anything special, and gets pretty boring quickly.

But my main complaint was the frame rate and stuttering. About every minute the game would freeze for a few seconds before starting up again. It almost felt like it was on a timer. And even in between these freezes the frame rate was terrible.


7 Days to Die presents us with a game that is good by itself, but is held back by extreme technical problems. While I have no doubt that these will be ironed out over time, I feel like the game was not ready for a full release yet and should of stuck to Early Access and perhaps Xbox Game Preview until it ran better. However, if you’re a console gamer that is desperate for a DayZ type game, you may want to give this one a try.

Rating: 6/10

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