8-Bit Aleworks: Mixing Games and Booze

8-Bit Aleworks Logo8-Bit Aleworks is a particular microbrewery that combines beer with classic video games. It’s located at 1050 M. Fairway Dr in Avondale, Arizona, and owned by Ryan and Krystina Whitten. Ask around the patrons, however, and you’ll hear them call the couple Mr. and Mrs. 8-Bit. Many video game themed brews are available for visitors who can enjoy them while playing some SNES or Genesis games.

The place is the Hard Rock Café for gamers. Not only consoles to play, but the bar also has the walls decorated with artwork from old school games artwork. If that wasn’t enough, music from those same titles will be booming as you stay there, sharing anecdotes with other fellow gamers. The unique brews they offer also have video game-themed names, so get used to people asking for a White Mage or an Extra Life. The place must have some hilarious misunderstandings when the patrons say one of those names and the owners aren’t sure if they need a drink or they’re talking about their gaming experiences.

8-Bit Aleworks has been around for a short time, merely over a year, but they already have a faithful and expanding clientele. Nostalgia is an important factor, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is true that nowadays gaming isn’t as much of a social stigma as it was a couple of decades ago. With a warm and welcoming environment, 8-Bit Aleworks can very well be the first of many bars where you can enjoy a game of Contra while drinking a Red Mage. As long as you can legally drink, that is.

The combination of beer and video games seems to be working for Ryan and Krystina, with new brews coming out as the business expand. Only time will tell how they’ll up the ante when they reach the next level.

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