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Complete Game Reviews is a website that focuses strictly on gaming, and we try to cover all of the latest gaming news that interests us. We post a lot of trailers, as well as major announcements about games.

Our main focus, however, is reviewing games. Our goal is to make sure that you know if a game is worth your hard earned money. We review all games on a scale of 1-10, and will never lie about a score. Its always our honest opinion. In the case of games that we are given copies of to review, we won’t ever give it a fake score to please the publisher. If we were told that we had to give a game a certain score, we wouldn’t accept the game. Simple as that. Also, if we are provided a game for review, there will be a note of it at the bottom of the review, underneath the information about the game. You can read the descriptions of our review scores below.

Review Score Descriptions

1: This game would be horrible. We wouldn’t recommend taking it if it was free.

2: This game still probably isn’t worth your money. Very few people would find anything to enjoy in this game. 

3: There is probably a small audience that might like this game a little, but for the most part it won’t be liked.

4: Not many people will enjoy this game, but there may be a few people that enjoy the game because of the genre or series.

5: This is about the level where there is a decent fan base, but it still isn’t for everyone.

6: This game might be talked about a little around it’s launch, but will soon be forgotten.

7: This is far from a perfect game, but it is on the level where you could call it a good game.

8: This game would be huge around its release, and would most likely be talked about for months after.

9: Everyone should play this game. It is truly great.

10: This game is a masterpiece. There’s no excuse not to play it.


So, now that you know how we score games you should have a pretty good feeling about a game before you decide whether or not to buy it. But you should also keep in mind that this is our opinion, and you may feel completely different about a game then we do.

If you visit our site frequently, you have probably noticed that sometimes there are a lot of new stories in a short amount of time, and sometimes there are no stories in a long stretch of time. We do our best to keep you informed on what we think you want to know, but at the time we are a fairly small team and can’t cover every detail announced about every game that comes out. We like to focus on the big announcements and trailers.

One more thing you should know about us is that we are very open to suggestions or requests. If there is something you want to tell us, just head on over to our contact form and leave us a message. We try our best to reply to everyone that contacts us.

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