Civilization VI Release Date Announced

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI was announced today, and will be available for PC on October 21st, 2016. Like previous entries in the franchise, players will choose a real life civilization from throughout mankind’s history and build them from the ground up by expanding and researching technology. As the game progresses, armies will progress from spears to assault rifles and from horses to tanks. Players will be able to expand their cultural relevance by way of World Wonders and great artists, while continuously interacting with other civilizations through diplomacy.

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While the core gameplay is expected to remain faithful to previous entries, Civilization VI offers a bevy of new features. Cities will be built differently. Instead of covering a single tile, they will expand over a larger region and will cover multiple tiles, allowing players to strategically place factories, farms, markets, and so on in order to take advantage of the local terrain. Doing so also changes how wars are fought, as players must carefully choose where to strike their enemies, as well as where to center their own defenses.

The “one unit per tile” rule remains from Civilization V, but it’s been tweaked, allowing military to combine with support units in order to create new, powerful “Corps” units. As an example, this will allow an infantry unit to combine with an anti-tank unit. Though the full depth of this feature hasn’t yet been revealed, such combinations will presumably allow players to better protect vulnerable siege units, adding a nice twist to the rock-paper-scissors military play.

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The new game also promises unlockable research boosts based on exploration and development. Multiplayer has also been enhanced, and is set to include a number of new scenarios designed to allow players to finish them quickly over the course of a single session. That, of course, is compared to a standard Civilization game which can span many hours.

Eagle-eyed readers may be especially interested in screenshots of Civilization VI, as they appear to show some of the units and buildings that will be available in the final release. Note the appearance of some of the  World Wonders from Civilizations past, such as The Lighthouse of Alexandria, and the pyramids of Giza.

The long running Civilization series was originally launched in 1991, and has traditionally been a critical favorite, thanks to its robust turn-based gameplay and deep, thoughtful strategy. Check out the official trailer below, and be sure to check back for more news as it becomes available.

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