Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC to be Revealed Next Week

Are you eager to play the final DLC for Fallout 4? Well, you’re in luck. As with previous releases, Bethesda will show off the content during a livestream event ahead of launch. The news was announced on Twitter, informing us that Bethesda will reveal new Nuka-World gameplay during a twitch livestream scheduled for August 23, starting at 4 pm ET. You can watch the event live on Bethesda’s Twitch channel.

Nuka-World is the last expansion pack to release for Fallout 4, following Automatron (March 2016), Wasteland Workshop (April 2016), Far Harbour (May 2016), Contraptions Workshop (June 2016), and Vault-Tec Workshop (July 2016). All of these expansions, alongside Nuka-World is included within the $60 season pass.

Many Fallout fans, including myself, have been rather disappointed with the expansion packs for Fallout 4, as the quality seems to have lowered from other Bethesda titled DLC. Furthermore, the much stronger focus on ‘workshop’ DLC has caused lots of frustration among Fallout fans; those who didn’t enjoy the settlement system found this content to be pointless.

Hopefully Nuka-World can finish Fallout 4 with a big bang, justifying the price tag for those who paid for the season pass. Nuka-World will launch on August 30 for all platforms.

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