GTA Online Heists: What we know so far

Almost every GTA 5 player has been waiting all year for Heists to come to the online portion of the game. There have been rumors spreading around for a while now but Rockstar has finally officially announced it with a trailer. So, Here is a list of everything we know.

  • Online heists are coming in early 2015
  • They will be played in groups of 4 players
  • The heists will be a free download
  • They will come to all 4 consoles and to the PC version when it releases next year
  • All players in a heist must be at least rank 12
  • One player will be the leader
  • The leader must have a high end apartment
  • The leader can invite players, assign positions, choose the outfits, and assign everyone their cut
  • Leaders have to pay all setup costs for the heist
  • Non-leaders get a cash payout from each prep mission
  • Leaders won’t get any cash until after the finale
  • There will be 5 different heists available at launch and over 20 missions
  • That will be over 20 hours of gameplay
  • You can skip long drives if you have already played a mission
  • There will be challenges you can complete to earn cash rewards
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