Guitar Hero Live Announced, Features First Person Mode

So here it is. After the teaser trailer yesterday, this new trailer continues that but releases a lot more information. And of course, it is the announcement of the new Guitar Hero, officially called “Guitar Hero Live.”

There are two different modes that have been announced, the first of which is GH Live, and features real crowds that react to how well you play, and you play in first person. The second is GH TV, which is said to be “the world’s first playable music video network” and features hundreds of music videos that you can play.


But of course, what everyone wants to know about is the controllers. The new guitar controller features six buttons in two rows of three. Because this is different then the old controllers, they most likely won’t be backwards compatible, unlike the Rock Band 4 controllers. You can see a picture of the new controller below.


That is about all we know so far about the new Guitar Hero, and the only release date that Activision is giving us is Fall 2015. The game will be coming to all five major consoles, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and even Wii U.

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