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Interlude Sam Brown
Interlude, the well-known tech and interactive-video media firm, has recently hired Sam Barlow as their new executive creative director. This means he’ll be the one in charge of directing many new projects, among them being a short inspired by WarGames, the classic 1983 movie by MGM. He will also be in charge of overseeing Interlude’s upcoming eko network.

When asked about the decision of hiring Sam, Interlude CEO Yoni Bloch said that Barlow “is the very best in the field of combining gaming and video to evolve a new kind of entertainment. We are very excited to have him join us to help envision the future of entertainment.” Sam himself is also looking forward to working for them after seeing the projects in front of him. In his own words, “I felt that we were on the same journey… Our dream is personalized, reactive stories with a heightened emotional impact.”

This hiring from Interlude isn’t surprising when considering Sam Barlow’s experience. He’s a video game director with many awards to his name, including “Her Story” which earned him the Best Narrative at the 2015 Game Awards. He’s a veteran of the craft, he debuted with the game “Aisle” and worked for Climax Studios as a director before becoming an independent developer. He’s also the writer and designer behind Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

There’s a lot of reasons to look forward to Interlude’s future projects now that Sam Barlow is on their paycheck. A man with such a great reputation and awards behind him can steer them in the right direction. Big names bring hype to players and people who want to invest in the business. With Sam’s addition to Interlude’s crew, there’s a big chance the company grows faster with the massive experience of their new executive creative director. As long as they don’t cut his wings off, there’s a lot of potential in this new blood for the guys at Interlude.

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