Mother 3 Might Get Western Release This Year

Mother 3

Mother 3 will be released for Western gamers to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its official release in Japan. This will add to the current trend of game companies to bring out remastered versions of classic games.

Several social media sources have been reporting this, starting with a tip from Emily Rogers’ Twitter, which was deleted shortly after. Her exact words were “Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year,” Whether it was a leak that caused the deletion or a tease for something that might not come, many gamers are hoping for it to be true.

Mother 3 Intro Screen

The Mother series wasn’t too well known outside of Japan for a long time. However, that changed thanks to the boost in popularity gained thanks to the Smash Brothers series. Starting with Melee, Ness became a playable character, and later games included Lucas as well, both of them being main characters from the original games. Thanks to this exposure, it’s no wonder that Mother 3 will be officially released outside of Japan, available on the Wii U Virtual Console.

Of the three games of the series, only Mother 2 got an official Western release, limited only to the US and with the name changed to Earthbound. It took almost three decades to have Mother 1 available here via Wii U Virtual Console. Before that, both Mother 1 and 3 were only playable through emulators and fanmade translations.

It’s a good thing to see more old school games, including classic gems that never came out of Japan, start coming out for us to enjoy. Considering how many were left behind for one reason or another, this might be a decisive step for the change. All the games that got mentioned in video game magazines and never left the land of the rising Sun will little by little become available for the whole world to enjoy.

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