NVIDIA Shows New Game Capture Tool

NVIDIA has been working on a new photography tool that will boost the video game experience for the most demanding gamers graphics-wise. Only available in specific GeForce GPUs, the company announced that Ansle could be used in games such as The Witness and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The main features this program has include super resolution that allows to greatly zoom in beyond what the game will normally allow without losing quality. It also shows off a free camera, 360-degree photo capture and pausing time, allowing VR-like vision.

Developed alongside many AAA game developers NVIDIA stated that “we are changing with the introduction of Ansel, a powerful, easy-to-use game capture tool.” They boasted about its features mentioning that “Ansel lets you freeze time. You can compose your shots from any angle and adjust the image with post-process filters. You can capture at unbelievable resolutions, grab EXR images for full-spectrum color capture, and share your screenshots in 360° panoramas via your smartphone, PC or VR headset.”

NVIDIA provides many options to fulfill these promises. Thanks to the free camera and 360-degree capture you will be able to go anywhere and take photos that will benefit from the super resolution’s extreme zoom in. Once you have the picture, you can pass them through post-process filters to tinker with it and give it a few more professional finishing touches to make it more appealing for sharing. VR headsets will also see improvements thanks to OpenEXR’s ability to export images while retaining the high quality.

This technology will further enhance the power of VR devices and its games, allowing them to reach higher levels of immersion. First person games such as these require this to prevent gamers from having their suspension of disbelief shattered due to clear loss in resolution and visible pixels or polygons.

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