Paper Mario: Color Splash Announced

During the newest Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo announced Paper Mario: Color Splash. The popular Super Mario RPG makes its return to console since the last console title, Super Paper Mario.

Paper Mario

Paper Mario: Color Splash takes place on the newly introduced area, Prism Island. The game’s theme now is all about colors and paint, and essentially restoring color to the dull Prism Island, which has lost all color, and is now black and white. The game adds a ton of new features to play around with in the paper world.

The newest and most focused upon feature is obviously the fact that anything you hit with your paint hammer, creates paint in a rather dull or black and white area. When using your paint hammer, depending on what you hit, it seems like a variety of things can just pop up, like coins or a toad. Also hitting areas with the paint hammer makes them much more vivid, creating a more beautiful scene. It also seems that you create cards with color and flick them to use them against your enemy, seemingly taking a page out the past Paper Mario game, Sticker Star. 

A lot of Paper Mario fans have been reacting differently to this announcement and trailer on several social medias. A portion of the fans were hoping for a Paper Mario game that was similar to the Gamecube and Nintendo 64 games, which offered several different partners to assist you in battle and in the regular world. We haven’t seem much so far, so we can’t just assume that there will be no similarities to the past popular Paper Mario games, so there is still hope for you die-hard fans of the original games.

Let us know how you feel about the announcement and the path Nintendo has decided to take with the newest entry!

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