Planet Licker — A Literal Taste of Gaming

Planet Licker Cover Art
Planet Licker has been publicly shown at the Game Developer’s Conference 2016 at GDC, showing its unique controls to all gamers who wanted to give it a go. Unlike the usual gamepad, this game uses a special controller with popsicles of different flavor you have to lick in order to play. The title is pretty simple, your character being a pair of lips trying to lick planets. Mines will spawn and protect them from your hungry tongue, which means you’ll have to time your licking to succeed. The people behind this project are developer Frank DeMarco, artist Otis Denner-Kenny, and Andy An, who works at Mouth Arcade, a food design studio.

The controller allows to up to three popsicles and you will travel to a planet that has the same color as the one you’re licking. Using dry ice and aluminum cups, the developers were able to overcome the durability factor of real ice pops, as well as the melting and sticky outcomes. Another option to go around the limited lifespan of these, so to speak, is to make the game time trial-oriented. This might also allow people to answer the question regarding how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop.

Planet Licker has been well received by those who played it, some of them actually achieving speed records. The developers are also hoping to go beyond novelty and designing the game in a way that people with physical disabilities can play too. A noble idea with a playful twist that hopefully will outlast its minutes of glory for being something new. As a side note confirmed by the creators themselves, the game allows for different flavors for you to try. You’ll be able to finish the game without having to lick the coffee ice pops unless your friend swaps them when you’re not looking.

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