Rockstar Games Bully and Manhunt for PS4

Rockstar Manhunt

Rockstar games Bully and Manhunt have seen a release for the PS4 that caught everyone off guard. This is for a good reason, as PlayStation Store gave no announcement of the two PS2 titles becoming available.

Both games were notorious for oozing controversy for the topics they touched. In Bully, you controlled a troublemaker in a prep school where you have to deal with bullies, teachers, and many other dangers in a place like that until you became the one who held the upper hand. Manhunt, on the other end, was censored in many countries due to its brutal violence and bloody sequences. In the title you control James Earl Cash, a prison inmate that has to murder his way to freedom. The original game was censored when it was ported to home consoles, but the PC kept everything untouched.

Both Rockstar games have been released on the PlayStation Store, but not everyone can play them for now. Currently only gamers living in Europe get to enjoy both games, while those in the US can play only Bully at the moment.

The games have been mostly ported without too many changes; it’s not a full remake of the classic titles. Aside from being able to play the game at 1080p without improvement in graphics, they will also have Trophies, Share Play and Remote Play options, Activity Feeds and Second Screen Support.

Many companies are bringing back old games to newer systems, with Nintendo being the star of the show in that aspect. Rockstar is a very well-known developer with the GTA franchise backing them up. While Bully might not raise so many eyebrows, Manhunt seems like a risky option. Then again, the massive box office success the Deadpool movie has become probably has something to do with it. It’s clear that companies and developers are now more comfortable with throwing content to the public that should be only for more mature audiences.

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