Jason is a lover of games, comedies, the 49ers, hip-hop, and burritos. He is also an avid drummer and guitar player.

Josh loves to rant about video games all day long, and has done since the first day he picked up a controller. Asides from this, he is a big fan or open world RPG's and strategy games.

Josh is a reviewer, editor, novelist, and comic writer. When he's not embellishing his qualifications, he enjoys hiding from the sun, making elaborate statues out of fingernails and hair. Sometimes he sends them to random people. He currently has North America's largest collection of restraining orders.

All posts labeled with Guest Posts are from past authors that are no longer with the site.

Pedro is a Spanish gamer of systems young and old as well as a veteran translator. He reviews from a distant, objective point of view to make sure both veterans and newcomers alike. When it comes to writing, his specialty however are featured articles that have lengthy research periods to allow him to impartially touch topics that affect the industry one way or another.

Daniel has been playing games since he was 4 years old, and has always developed a passion for them. He has no real favorite genre but he always finds himself attached to the old days, genres like oldschool FPS and CRPGs.

Kyle got hooked on gaming when he first received his NES at the age of 6. 23 years later and the only thing that has changed is the console. You can usually find him getting stuck into a good RPG or action/adventure title, editing videos or being reminded why he shouldn't play FPS's online. Kyle currently resides in England with his beautiful PS4 and their 2 adorable handhelds.

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