Sunset Overdrive: Mystery of the Mooil Rig out now!

Insomniac Games have just released a new dlc for Sunset Overdrive called mystery of the Mooil Rig. It is a story DLC that adds a few hours of gameplay, and of course, a new boss battle. It also adds new weapons, amps, vanity items, a new Chaos Squad mission and night defense base, and new enemies covered in oil. Another new feature that is being added is more actions that you can do while you glide on water. There are a few, but one of the best is where you can dive under the water and then launch into the air. Also, if you like the multiplayer mode Chaos Squad, the developers will start playing today and you might get matched up with one of them. If you beat them you get an achievement worth 25G, an in game shirt and a gas mask next to your gamer tag. The devs will have the gas masks too. You can get that achievement and shirt not only by beating a dev, but you can beat anyone that has the gas mask. Mystery of the Mooil Rig is free for season pass holders or $9.99 for anyone that does not want the $20 season pass.


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