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First of all, I would like to say that Sunset Overdrive is an amazing game. It is very unique, just because of the fact that it never takes itself seriously. But, even though the game was fun for the full play through, I felt that it started losing its feel near the end. Maybe it just wasn’t my type of game. I did have my doubts about buying it, but eventually I did when it went on sale for $50 on Xbox Live. So, now I’ll break it down for you.



This is a hard topic for this type of game. The story was good, but not serious. You shouldn’t buy this game for a great story, you should buy it just to have fun. Because of this, you can really relax when you play the game, and you don’t have to worry about missing important details or pay too much attention to cutscenes. Without giving any spoilers, the basic story is that you’re character lives in Sunset City, which is where a new energy drink is being released. You’re character is one of the lucky few that doesn’t get to drink it, because when everyone else does, they turn into mutants, a.k.a. OD. During the story, you will meet 4 different groups that are all trying to do the same thing you are doing, escape!



The Sunset Overdrive multiplayer is called Chaos Squad. You can start playing by walking up to any of the photo booths in single player and joining up to 7 other people to complete quests. Whenever you complete a mission everyone that is playing votes on 1 of 2 choices for the next mission. Then, once you have completed a few, you end with a night defense mission and receive in-game rewards depending on how you did. These can be anything from clothes to ammo and weapons. I actually wasn’t going to ever play the multiplayer but I did just to write a review. I’m glad I did. For me, this was the best part of the game. It definitely raises the score from what it would of been if Sunset Overdrive was a single player only game.



Sunset Overdrive runs at 900p and 30fps. Even though most people seem to think that a game needs to run at 1080p to look next gen, it doesn’t matter as much as some people make it sound, especially when your playing on a tv and not a PC. Frame rate matters a lot more, and even though 60fps would have been better, I feel like it didn’t effect the game play in this game as much as it would in some games. I’m not going to go into a lot of details in this post about resolution and frame rate, but maybe I’ll cover it sometime in the future. So once you forget about the numbers, the graphics were actually pretty good. The game is cartoonish, so they aren’t trying to make it look like GTA 5, but that really fits with the whole atmosphere and feel of the game.



The length was one of the main complaints I heard about the game. As I said above, I started getting tired of this game about 7-8 hours in. At that point I was almost done with the main story but had also played quite a few side quests. It took me about 11 hours to beat the main story and would probably only of taken about 9 if I hadn’t played as many of the side quests. says that the average for the main story is 9 1/2 hours. But, if you are interested in finding every collectible, completing every side quest, and doing anything else you would need to do to get 100% in the game, it says that the average completionist time was 29 hours. I thought that I was going to do this when I first started playing, because it had such a refreshing feel, but as I kept playing I started getting bored, so I was completing less side quests and using fast travel a lot more. So, whether you want to complete every side quest, find every collectible, or just run around Sunset City killing OD, this game can last a long time.



Even though I did not enjoy Sunset Overdrive as much as I thought I was going to, it was still a great game. I am glad I gave it a chance even with my doubts about liking it. I felt that the campaign, even though it was pretty short, was a perfect amount of time. I would really recommend this game to anyone that has an Xbox One, especially because there have been a lot of sales on it in the last few weeks. So, if you can find a good deal on it, I would pick it up especially if you have Xbox Live Gold, as long as you aren’t expecting another, cartoonish GTA 5.

Rating: 8/10

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Original Release Date: October 28, 2014

ESRB Rating: M – Mature

Platform: Xbox One (Reviewed)

Buy: Xbox

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