Torch Cave Review

Torch Cave is an interesting Indiana Jones-style platformer made on the Unity 5 Engine. In the game, you play as Derek Bravado and your primary objective is to retrieve ancient artefacts from the torch cave and make it out alive.

There are a total of 40 different caves with different challenges inside all. Players will have the ability to use hooks to cling on to rocks, fire weapons to take out robots and interact with objects to help climb certain heights. The amount of variation in level design is average, with the beginning stages feeling a bit repetitive. However, for a game under $5, you’d struggle to find any better bang for the buck games in its genre. In each cave, the player has to find a key, and then carry it until he reaches the exit door to progress to the next cave.

After losing an Xbox controller to the infamous ‘super meat boy’, I had high hopes that this platformer would not send me into a wild rage. Those hopes were short-lived. Torch Cave, although not the most challenging platformer out there, is still very punishing and will not allow you to make many mistakes. For example, there are certain structures which drop when touched once, these can be triggered by accidentally hitting the side of one. Furthermore, the checkpoints in the game are very limited for my taste; there are no checkpoints once you have found the key. Some players will argue that this is part of the challenge, which is understandable to some extent, but it made the game a chore to play after a while.

Moreover, I would analyse the story but, well… there isn’t one. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no story in the game, which you could say is insignificant considering the price -I would agree. However, I strongly believe that the addition of a story would separate this from being an android game. Even a bit of lore would go a long way to improving the game’s personality.

Thankfully, the game does have controller support which is definitely required in my opinion. The controls are decent for controllers and there is the option to map your keys of choice for keyboard, which is nice to see.

In terms of Art and sound design, Torch cave has a reasonably pretty aesthetic with a good variety of colours considering every landscape is just a plain cave. The general art style is heavily influenced by landscapes seen in Indiana Jones movies. On the other hand, the soundtrack is generally average throughout, getting more and more repetitive as you keep playing.


In Conclusion, Torch Cave is a nice affordable platformer, with an interesting art style. However, the gameplay feels very generic, as if the developers were not willing to take any risks and add anything new to the platformer genre. Overall, the game shouts ‘average’ in every aspect, with the lack of story making it feel more like a mobile game. If you are looking for a new innovative platformer, I would look elsewhere, but if you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, you can’t go wrong with Torch Cave.

RATING: 6/10

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